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Festive opening hours

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Please note that our opening hours will be affected over the festive period as per the below:

Friday 23rd December: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Saturday 24th December to Tuesday 3rd January: Closed

We will resume regular working hours from 8.30am on Wednesday 4th January 2017.

Should you wish to report an emergency repair please call 07969777275.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Catching this amazing photo in Glasgow’s City Centre got us thinking about branding.

Many of you will be aware that in 2013, the city re-branded following a global, digital conversation which asked the question, “What makes Glasgow a great city?”
Over 1,500 people from 42 countries contributed to the conversation, and the number one response from contributors was that it’s the people of Glasgow that make the city great, which ultimately led to the development of PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW as the city’s new brand.

You may not be aware that in 2008, we re-branded following a smaller scale consultation asking the question, “What is the key to a successful let/tenancy?”
The answer (to us) was obvious; a service focused on happy landlords and happy tenants alike. This led to the development of Happy Lets and our mission to help people ‘find their happy place.’

Deep pink is energetic, confident, hopeful, positive, inspiring and comforting, and was the obvious choice for us. We teamed this with grey throughout our branding and in our offices, adding strength and elegance.

Bringing colour and positivity to the streets of Glasgow in our pink branded cars; we were happy to see Glasgow share our sentiments!

Winter Weather Precautions

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

In preparation for the cold weather, we would ask all tenants to take note of the information below.

How to prepare for cold weather:
• Make sure you know how to turn off the water, gas and electricity. You may need to do this in an emergency. If you live in a flat, the supply may come from outside your flat, so make sure you know where it is.
• Keep candles, matches, blankets, a torch and battery powered radio somewhere handy in case of power cuts.
• If you have any leaking taps or pipes, please contact us on 0141 334 4633 or email immediately as leaks can cause pipes to freeze up.
• Check that your heating system is working properly and report any maintenance issues, if any, to our office as above.
• Keep your home well heated. Warmth is the best defence against problems caused by cold weather. If you can’t afford to heat the entire property, make sure that at least one room is always kept warm.
• It can be worthwhile to share an emergency contact phone number with a neighbour should something go wrong – either your number, or ours. This will speed up access to the property in the event of something like a pipe leak and is particularly important in flatted properties, where an issue in one flat could rapidly cause problems for other homes in the block.

If you are leaving the property empty over the winter months:
• Don’t switch the heating off when you go away. Leave it on at a low setting, or set the timer so it comes on at least once a day. If you have a thermostat, set your heating to come on if the temperature drops below a certain level.
• If you can’t leave the heating on please contact our office as your landlord may wish to have the system drained to prevent pipes from bursting.
• Inform our office if you will be leaving the property vacant for any length of time and ensure that we have a copy of keys in case we are required to gain access in an emergency.
• Please note that it is your responsibility to heat your home to a reasonable level to prevent pipes from freezing.
• If you will be away for a period of time over the winter months, make sure your rented home is fully secure before you leave. Simple measures such as ensuring all windows and doors are locked will deter opportunist thieves. You should also ensure your personal belongings are insured; for further information on Tenant Insurance, please visit

What to do if pipes freeze:
If the water in internal or external pipes freezes, it expands and can split or crack the pipe. Once the water thaws, it will then pour through the hole.
• Report this to our office immediately
• Turn off the water supply straightaway and switch off the central heating and any water heating appliances (immersion heater, boiler, etc.).
• Drain the system by turning on cold taps and flushing the toilet. Don’t turn on hot taps as this may cause further problems.
• Thaw the frozen pipes with a hot water bottle or hairdryer, or by wrapping them with warm cloths. Start at the end nearest the tap. Never apply a direct flame, for example by using a blowtorch.
• Turn the water back on again and check that nothing is leaking anywhere. You can then turn any water heating appliances back on.

What to do if pipes burst:
• Report this to our office immediately
• Turn off the water supply, central heating and water heating appliances and drain the system to reduce pressure on the leaking pipe(s).
• If water from the leak is likely to come into contact with electrical wiring in your home, switch off the electricity at the mains. You may need to call in an electrician to check the system before you switch it back on again.
• Try repairing the burst pipe temporarily using tape or a cloth.
• We will notify your landlord and call in a plumber to fix the leaks permanently.
• If leaking water is making the ceiling bulge, place a bucket underneath and make a small hole in the bulge e.g. with a pen if it is safe to do so – this should prevent the ceiling from collapsing.
• If you live in a flat, check with your neighbours that you haven’t turned off their water supply as well, and that water isn’t leaking into their home.
• Refill the hot water system before switching on the boiler or immersion heater.
• If there is any damage to your personal belongings, your contents insurance should cover any damage to your belongings.

If water is leaking into your property:
If water is leaking into your home from a neighbour’s flat you should:
• contact your neighbour immediately. If you can’t get hold of them, you should leave a note asking them to contact our office asap as water is leaking from their property into your property.
• Contact our office to report this

Please note that over the festive period the office will be closed, from Thursday 24/12/15 at 1pm to Tuesday 05/01/16. Emergency contact numbers will still be available by calling the office number on 0141 334 4633, however if the issue is regarding a common building repair such as a leaking roof, in the first instance please visit the website for the Scottish Factor Register at which will detail which Factoring Company (if any) manage your building.

Happy 10th Birthday to Happy Lets!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

10 years ago Bobby and Preet officially opened the doors of their first letting agency.

From a wee team of 2 looking after 120 properties, we have now grown to a team of 18 looking after a portfolio nearing 1000 properties from our 2 offices in Glasgow and Hamilton.

Our growth can be attributed to the hard work of our team whose hard work, dedication and professionalism has, over the years , given us the reputation as an agency which provides a quality service for landlords and tenants alike. This, in turn, has led to happy landlords and tenants referring us more business.
In addition there were 3 careful acquisitions of letting agencies in 2008 (The Letting Store), 2011 (Surehome Property) and 2014 (John C Boyle Property Management).

We would like to thank our landlords for their continued support and our tenants for choosing us to ‘find their happy place’.
A special thank you to those tenants and landlords who have been with us from the very first day.

A big thank you goes to our ‘happy’ team who have worked hard over the years to ensure we reach our mission for happy landlords, happy tenants and happy homes day in, day out.

You have all contributed to help us become the Company we are today and for that, we sincerely thank you!

Make the World Better with a Sweater!

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

To make the holidays extra meaningful this year Happy Lets are excited to support Save the Children’s holiday campaign to “Make the World Better with a Sweater!”

We will be wearing our favourite/silliest/cosiest festive woolly on Friday 12th December.

Join us in your Participation is easy, fun and very meaningful.

Wear a woolly Christmas jumper and text TEAMHAPPYLET to 70050 to donate £2*.

• £150 could buy warm winter coats, scarves, hats, boots, insulation and plastic sheeting to protect a refugee family from the elements.
• £200 could buy enough high energy peanut paste to treat 40 malnourished children for a week

*you will be billed £2 plus standard rate text message.
By sending this text you agree that Save the Children can contact you to tell you about their work and how you can help.
If you would rather not receive such information, please include NO INFO in your text message.

Happy Tenants – Report a Repair facility now live!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

As part of our ongoing mission for happy tenants, we have now launched an online ‘report a repair’ facility for our tenants to conveniently report repairs via the Happy Lets website (Tenants-Report a Repair)

You will be aware that it is a requirement of your tenancy agreement that all repairs are reported to our office promptly and this should provide an efficient means for  you to do this.  The system is simple to use and you will receive email confirmation of all repairs reported for your records.  Please note that emergency repairs should still be reported directly to our office.

Many issues can be resolved quickly and simply by tenants themselves and so, to avoid any unnecessary call out charges, we have put together a maintenance troubleshooting guide which is available on our website which you can refer to before reporting a repair.

Students; find your happy place!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Happy Lets are pleased to bring to the market Kelvingrove House, Glasgow’s newest student development.

Kelvingrove house should be your happy place because:

-The development provides a mix of shared or individual studios and larger apartments that cater for both UK and international residents that would impress even the most discerning student.

-The company behind the development are market leaders and have sites across the UK, they offer an unparalleled professional service and high quality, affordable accommodation for the student population.

-It provides comfortable and homely surroundings for student residents whilst supporting them in their journey to a new and sometimes daunting city.

-It is ideally located in Glasgow’s popular West End close to the University and opposite beautiful Kelvingrove park.

-It is a brand new development which officially opens in September 2014, bookings are being taken now and show flats are available for viewings.

-There is free 20Mb Fibre Optic Broadband with WiFi throughout

-Bills are included

-On site Tesco Metro

For more information and to find out why Kelvingrove House should be your happy place please contact us on 0141 334 4633 or email

Serviced Apartments in Glasgow

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Happy Lets recently expanded our letting services to cover management of serviced apartments in Glasgow.

We have a selection of properties available for corporate and event related short-term lets which has proved extremely successful and are now actively seeking landlords who wish to offer their rental properties on a short let basis.
The benefits of short term lets can be huge. Along with the greater potential to enjoy a higher rental return on a week by week basis, landlords who let for the short term often enjoy greater security, safe in the knowledge that corporate and event clients are trusted tenants who arrive with few complications and demands.

Happy Lets is a professional, ARLA Licenced company so you can rest assured that you would be dealing with a company you can trust and will provide a high quality service.

If you have a quality property available for short-term rentals or are looking for short-term lets for yourself, clients or staff please contact us on 0141 334 4633 or email for more information.

Here is one of the select properties currently available:

Relocation of Happy Lets Glasgow Office Premises

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Since launching our letting business in 2005 our home has been 1313 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8TL.
Whilst 13 may be unlucky for some, 1313 has proved to be a successful base to us over the years.  Over time, and as a result of continued loyal support from our valued clients, the company has grown in staff and customer numbers and in August 2013 we moved into bigger premises.

The move was bittersweet as we have fond memories of our initial years at 1313 but are looking forward to continued growth from
our new premises.

We are now very settled in our new premises at 1287-1289 Argyle Street, just a few doors down from our old office.

If you are an existing or prospective landlord or tenant please feel free to visit us in our new and improved office surroundings.

Tenancy Deposit Schemes in Scotland – What does this mean for tenants?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Taken from  (The National Federation of Property Professionals)

What is a tenancy deposit scheme?

A tenancy deposit scheme is a scheme designed to protect tenants’ deposits by placing them with an independent third party. 

Why introduce tenancy deposit schemes?

The main objectives of requiring deposits to be safeguarded by tenancy deposit schemes are:

·       To end the practice of unfairly withholding deposits;

·       To ensure that deposits are safeguarded throughout the duration of the tenancy;

·       To ensure that deposits are returned quickly and fairly, particularly where there is a dispute over the return of the deposit, or proportion of it, to tenant or landlord

When will a tenancy deposit scheme be available?

On 7 March 2011, regulations to provide for tenancy deposit schemes in Scotland became law.

This means that Scottish Ministers are now able to consider proposals for the operation of tenancy deposit schemes, which they will assess against the conditions that are set out in the regulations. 

Once any suitable proposals have been received and approved, details of the schemes and the dates on which they will be available for use will be announced in due course.

What will a tenancy deposit scheme mean for you?

  • Tenancy deposits will be protected  Landlords must submit deposits to the administrator of an approved scheme. The deposit will be protected in a designated account until it is due to be repaid.
  • Schemes will be free to tenants  Tenants will not have to pay a charge to their landlord, or to the scheme in order to protect their deposits.
  • Quick repayment of deposits where there is no dispute  Landlords will apply for the return of the deposit when the tenancy ends. The scheme administrator must return the deposit within five working days of obtaining agreement by the tenant.
  • Free access to an independent dispute resolution service  Every approved scheme must provide a way for disagreements over the return of deposits to be resolved.  This service will be available free of charge as an alternative option to the tenant taking legal action for recovery of a deposit through the courts.
  • Provision of information  Landlords will be required to issue the tenant with key information relating to the tenancy, the deposit and the scheme that safeguards the deposit. Approved schemes will also be required to produce an information leaflet detailing their rules and procedures.
  • Sanctions for non-compliance  Tenants will be able to apply to the court for sanctions to be applied against a landlord who fails to protect deposits and/or provide information in accordance with the regulations. Financial penalties, payable to the tenant, will be imposed on landlords who fail to comply. 

Whose tenancy deposits will be protected?

Every landlord that is required to register in the local authority register of landlords, in accordance with the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004 (landlord registration), will need to comply with the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011.

This includes landlords of assured and short assured tenancies, university accommodation, as well as various other types of occupancy arrangement.

If you are unsure about whether your deposit should be protected you should independent advice.  

When must deposits be protected?

This will vary, depending on when the deposit was received, and when the first scheme becomes operational.

All deposits received after a scheme first becomes operational must be submitted to an approved scheme, and information provided to tenants within 30 working days of the start of the tenancy.

Landlords already holding deposits before a scheme becomes operational must also protect deposits but will be allowed more time to submit them to an approved scheme. 

Further information

More detailed information about the regulations and tenancy deposit schemes can be found on the Scottish Government website at

A copy of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011 can be found on the UK legislation website at